Our Story

Our Story

Founded in April 2013 by the two German brothers Simon and Matthias Classen BERLINS’ mission is to bring the most famous German street food to the United States, the DÖNER sandwich. Created in Berlin in the early 1970s the DÖNER sandwich has grown to be Germany’s most popular food, even more popular than McDonalds and Burger King combined. While working in beautiful Southern California Simon started craving DÖNER, his favorite street food from his German home. Although DÖNER was so popular in EUROPE that it even replaced fish and chips stands in the UK it could not be found in California. Calling up his brother Matthias one sunny lunch break later the idea was born: Bringing high quality Berlin style Döner to Los Angeles. Simon and Matthias made sure to only use the best ingredients for their DÖNER. From the freshly baked bread to the tender beef, lamb and chicken and the homemade sauces everything is fresh, authentic and produced locally to strengthen our local economy and to improve the company’s carbon footprint.


Our strive for perfection is the first principle of our mission to bring high quality German DÖNER to the United States.

You can stack it how you want it but our Döner Sandwich is always just 550 calories or less.

All our ingredients are prepared fresh every morning. Our bread comes fresh out of the oven every morning for the ultimate taste experience.

We want our children and their children to enjoy this magnificent country that is why we believe in reducing our carbon footprint and improving our sustainability. We only use ingredients that are locally produced to reach this goal and strengthen our local economy.